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Any organisation, globally, that needs to manage membership, events, teams, club shop & payments. This includes any commercial and non-profit clubs and associations; especially sport-related.

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16 avaliações
  • Geral 4.5 / 5
  • Praticidade 4 / 5
  • Atendimento ao cliente 5 / 5
  • Recursos 4.5 / 5
  • Relação qualidade/preço 5 / 5

Detalhes do produto

  • Preço inicial 28,00 US$/mês
  • Detalhes dos preços Excl VAT (EU). Plans are flat-rate, all inc, no hidden fees, paid annually.
  • Versão gratuita Não
  • Avaliação gratuita Sim
  • Implantação Nuvem, SaaS, web
  • Formação Ao vivo online
  • Suporte Horário comercial

Dados sobre o fornecedor

  • Simmetrics
  • http://www.myclubhouse.co.uk
  • Fundada em 1997

Sobre o myClubhouse

myClubhouse is an easy to use and highly flexible, online club management system to let you run your club the way you want.
We help clubs, societies and businesses save time on all types of admin and provide a great website. Volunteers and staff can share the workload, giving everyone more time to enjoy the club's activities.
With us you'll get a premium experience, no adverts, no hidden fees and exceptional quality client-driven features. Support includes free site set-up and data import.

Recursos do myClubhouse

  • Acesso móvel
  • Administração de website
  • Cobrança e faturamento
  • Controle de comparecimento
  • Gestão de associação
  • Gestão de equipes
  • Gestão de estoques
  • Gestão de eventos
  • Gestão de marketing
  • Gestão de visitantes
  • Online Bookings
  • Ponto de vendas (PDV)
  • Portal do associado
  • Processamento de pagamentos
  • Administração de website
  • Conteúdo de vídeo
  • Conteúdo de áudio
  • Controle de versões
  • Editor de imagens
  • Editor de texto
  • Formulários eletrônicos
  • Gerenciamento de SEO
  • Indexação de documentos
  • Modelos personalizáveis
  • Pesquisa de texto completo
  • Administração de pequenos grupos
  • Contabilidade incorporada
  • Controle de chegada de crianças
  • Controle de comparecimento
  • Diretório de associados
  • Doações online
  • Gestão de compromissos
  • Gestão de eventos
  • Gestão de voluntariado
  • Gestão de várias plantas
  • Integração da contabilidade
  • Portal do associado
  • Administração de website
  • Base de dados dos associados
  • Diretório de associados
  • Gerenciamento de aplicativos
  • Gestão de comitês
  • Gestão de dívidas
  • Gestão de eventos
  • Marketing por e-mail
  • Portal do associado
  • Processamento de pagamentos
  • Renovação de inscrições
  • Tipos de associados
  • Automação de restituições
  • Check-in pessoal
  • Editor de formulários
  • Gerenciamento de contatos
  • Gestão de calendários
  • Gestão de comparecimento
  • Gestão de crachás
  • Gestão de marketing
  • Inscrição no local
  • Inscrição online
  • Processamento de pagamentos
  • Questionários e feedback
  • Registro de atividades
  • Registro de classes
  • Registro de eventos
  • Registro de grupo
  • Administração de website
  • Calendário de eventos
  • Confirmação/lembretes
  • Gestão de descontos e cupons
  • Gestão de lista de espera
  • Gestão de marketing
  • Gestão de participantes
  • Inscrição online
  • Pagamentos online
  • Promoção das redes sociais
  • Administração de website
  • Diretório de associados
  • Discussões/Fóruns
  • Gerenciamento das redes sociais
  • Gestão de associação
  • Gestão de conteúdo
  • Gestão de eventos
  • Gestão de grupos
  • Ideação e crowdsourcing
  • Moderação de conteúdo
  • Agendamento
  • Gerenciamento de repertórios
  • Gestão de alunos
  • Gestão de classes
  • Gestão de comparecimento
  • Inscrição online
  • Registro de práticas
  • Banco de dados de cavalos
  • Banco de dados de clientes
  • Cobrança e faturamento
  • Controle de despesas
  • Demonstração de resultados
  • Ficha médica
  • Gerenciamento de feeds
  • Gestão de procriação
  • Registros de cavalos
  • Agendamento
  • Análise de dados no jogo
  • Cronograma de instalações
  • Gestão de equipes
  • Gestão de inscrições
  • Gestão de voluntariado

As avaliações mais úteis do myClubhouse

Feature rich software. Great flexibility. Easy to use and great support.

Avaliado em 02/02/2019
Roy P.
Esportes, 201-500 funcionários
Usou o software para: Mais de um ano
Fonte da avaliação 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
5 / 5
Relação qualidade/preço
Probabilidade de recomendação:
Pouco provável Muito provável

Comentários: After looking at many alternatives it was decided to use myClubhouse as the database for our sailing club.
We have been using the software for 18 months now and have just completed our second renewal period. Renewal notices were sent out automatically and members renewed noticeably quicker than in the past with 80% of these paying on-line, the fees being automatically credited to the club bank account. Fantastic!
Relevant data can now be made available to specified club officers - not only useful for the day to day management of the club but also to provide the committee with valuable information for use in monitoring and planning future developments.
During the second year we migrated our website across to myClubhouse. This was very easy to do and has been very successful.
We have just used the Event Manager for the first time to enable members to sign up for the Annual Dinner. Once again this was very easy to do. Members were able to pay on-line and during the sign-up process were able to select their menu choices. A terrific help to our Social Secretary.
During the coming year we will be piloting the use of the Club Shop for the sale of club merchandise.
myClubhouse is extremely flexible and can be adapted to fit any club set up. They really do seem to have thought of everything. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending myClubhouse.

Vantagens: Easy to use and feature rich.
Terrific support from myClubhouse from the initial set-up and importing of historical data to very responsive day to day help.
New members can sign up easily on-line
Auto renewal and on-line payment means that in most cases the process is automated saving the Membership Secretary a huge amount of time and avoiding the need for club mailings.
Included website functionality provides a one stop shop for members.
Event Manager with on-line sign-up and payment.

Desvantagens: There is a steep learning curve initially and on-line help screens and FAQs would help. However, as mentioned previously, the support provided through the service desk is very good.

Resposta dos fornecedores

por Simmetrics em 04/02/2019

Dear Roy,
Many thanks for your very helpful review. We are delighted that myClubhouse has saved you time and enabled you to collect membership fees more quickly.
We do appreciate there is a steep learning curve for administrators at first and we are doing our best to address this. We are gradually putting in place more guides and simplifying processes as much as possible. In the meantime we are always on hand to offer live demos, telephone and email guidance as well as a free set-up and data import service.
It has been a pleasure working with you and your colleagues at Dittisham Sailing Club over the past 18 months and we are delighted you are dipping your toes into some more features such as Events Manager and Club Shop.
Kind regards,

A potentially powerful membership tool but some of our members are baffled by it

Avaliado em 10/02/2019
Kevin H.
Club Web Administrator
Esportes, 2-10 funcionários
Usou o software para: 1 a 5 meses
Fonte da avaliação 
3 / 5
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
Relação qualidade/preço
Probabilidade de recomendação:
Pouco provável Muito provável

Comentários: We selected MyClubhouse on the basis of a personal recommendation from an officer of another club, who have used the product successfully for several years. The support team were very helpful with migrating membership data and have been very responsive to any problems I've logged.
We've only been using the system for a couple of months now, and at the moment are still wondering whether or not the benefits of the system were worth the cost we've paid - mainly because of the number of members still opting to apply for membership renewals manually rather than via the system.
After the effort we've already put in to get the system up and running we will persevere, but we may need to give serious consideration whether or not to renew for a second year.
I recognise that in a month or two, once most members have renewed, I may be feeling a lot more positive about MyClubhouse.

Vantagens: Allowing our members to manage their own registrations, then use MyClubhouse for us to mail individual or bulk emails to them in a way which complies with GDPR requirements.
We also like the fact that different officers of the club, such as a membership secretary and a treasurer, can both access the system to handle both the logistical and the financial aspects of taking on a new member or renewing a membership.
It also allows all our member emails to be logged in one place, accessible to all committee members with the appropriate level of Admin authority.

Desvantagens: The layout is very standardised, with each MyClubhouse home page for different organisations looking similar, with photos occupying a large part of the screen on some displays. It means that it is harder to put simple shortcuts on a convenient part of the home page.
Although about two thirds of our existing and new membership applications have come through the site, about a third seem to have struggled with it and have reverted to sending us hard copy membership forms through the post.
It's our first year, and it's still too early to tell whether this is just teething problems, or will settle down.
As our membership cards are emailed to most members as a PDF it would have been very helpful to have this functionality automated within MyClubhouse, but at the moment I have to edit the card in Word, do a Save as PDF, with MyClubhouse only being used as the vehicle for sending the PDF via email.

Resposta dos fornecedores

por Simmetrics em 11/02/2019

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for taking the time to review myClubhouse. I am obviously quite concerned to hear that some of your members have found the site confusing and would love to discuss this with you in more detail. We are always looking for ways to improve the system and make it easier to use. Regarding the front page, there are several customisation options available which I can demo to you whenever you have time, and there will be many more options coming in future releases. I would also like to discuss your membership card requirements as we may be able to improve things there as well. Thanks again for the review and I will follow up with you directly regarding the issues above.
Kind regards,

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