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BlueConic is for marketers across industries that want to unify & activate customer data without needing support of IT. From mid-market to enterprise use cases, we serve over 260 brands globally.

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7 avaliações
  • Geral 4.5 / 5
  • Praticidade 4 / 5
  • Atendimento ao cliente 4 / 5
  • Recursos 4.5 / 5
  • Relação qualidade/preço 3.5 / 5

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  • Versão gratuita Sim
  • Avaliação gratuita Não
  • Implantação Nuvem, SaaS, web
  • Formação Webinars
  • Suporte Horário comercial

Dados sobre o fornecedor

  • BlueConic
  • Fundada em 2010

Sobre o BlueConic

BlueConic, the worlds leading customer data platform (CDP), liberates marketers first-party data from all the disparate systems in which it exists, and makes it available wherever and whenever it is required for marketing. More than 240 consumer and B2B brands leverage BlueConic to unify their first-party customer data into robust, person-level profiles, and then activate it across their marketing ecosystem.

Recursos do BlueConic

  • Agendamento de testes
  • Análise de relevância estatística
  • Análise do funil de vendas
  • Editor visual
  • Mapas térmicos
  • Páginas de início e formulários web
  • Questionários
  • Segmentação de campanhas
  • Segmentação por público
  • Testes A/B
  • Testes multivariados
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Powerful, fairly user-friendly customer data platform with segmentation, integration and interaction

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 17/02/2018
Web Content Manager
Mobiliário, 51-200 funcionários
Usou o software para: Mais de dois anos
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4 / 5
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
4 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
4 / 5
Relação qualidade/preço
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Pouco provável Muito provável

Comentários: We use BlueConic to send notifications to use, create product recommendations, create smart audiences for use in advertising, get deep audience insights on our web visitors and site data, and to unify data sets.

Vantagens: I think the biggest pro about BlueConic is the team. I love working with them and every time I talk to them I learn something. They are extremely knowledgeable and have tons of insight. They give great recommendations for use cases. Other pros are the segmentation, progressive profiling, data aggregation through integration, and depth of possible use cases. BlueConic can help extend the functionality and capabilities of your existing ecommerce or site platform. Since it is able to inject user experiences real-time by segment, it's uses for on-site personalization are extensive. It also can help you create better target audiences for advertising on other platforms like Facebook or in AdWords. With a tremendous amount of available data points, you can create highly specific segments that you can then push to ad platforms (which you can then use to create lookalike audiences).

Desvantagens: There are a couple cons to BlueConic. One is that while the team is always glad to help out with your projects, it is largely self-service. Meaning if you don't have a good grasp of the platform and have a solid strategy in place of how to utilize it, you won't get as much out of it. That being said, they are always willing to help you brain storm and even build out conceptual use cases for you. However, you need to immerse yourself in the platform. There's a bit of a learning curve if you have never used a CDP before. Also, the open-ended nature of the platform means you might feel lost knowing exactly what you can do with it if you don't come in with a clear goal. Also, integrations depend largely on email address, so if you haven't got a lot of email addresses in your data sets, unifying them with your site data in BlueConic is going to be tricky. Lastly, I haven't priced other CDPs lately (we've used them for about 3 years), but for a small business it can be a bit pricey. It will be best utilized if you have a complex marketing stack already and need a way to unify your data for use in personalization and advertising.

Brings all of my disseminated data and fragmented view on my customers into one actionable pot!

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 12/04/2018
Laura W.
Usou o software para: 1 a 5 meses
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4 / 5
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
5 / 5
Relação qualidade/preço

Vantagens: Wow! My challenge was that I had various, siloed marketing technologies solutions and I didn't have a seamless way to integrate them, therefore having fragmented views of the customers and different tools serving different purposes. I love the many platform plugins and quick connections that BlueConic brings to the table, synchronising all of my disconnected systems. If you can get some techie help, you can even customise a new plugin to suit your specific needs on top of what BlueConic has to offer!!! The result? You're left with a rich and comprehensive view of the customer which is progressive: it gets richer as you continue uncovering data from subsequent sessions, channels etc.

Desvantagens: I just need to keep an eye on reaching my limits threshold of my subscription so that I don't get charged extra as the billing is done automatically when that happens; you can't always avoid it, but I suppose that's a common scenario.

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