Quem usa o ScreenCloud?

O ScreenCloud é útil para qualquer empresa ou organização que deseje se comunicar usando telas. Sendo assim, elas podem ser pequenas empresas, corporações, startups, comércio varejista, hotelaria, locais de culto, educação, etc.

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A sinalização digital não precisa ser complicada ou cara. O ScreenCloud permite que você use qualquer TV, iPad ou tablet para transmitir a mensagem de uma forma atraente.

Programe, gerencie e envie conteúdo para as telas com o clique de um botão, tudo a partir do navegador. Exiba facilmente as últimas ofertas, compartilhe notícias da empresa, exiba as mídias sociais da marca e muito mais.

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Fundada em 2015

ScreenCloud Software - 1
ScreenCloud Software - 2
ScreenCloud Software - 3
ScreenCloud Software - 4
ScreenCloud Software - 5
ScreenCloud - Vídeo
ScreenCloud Software - 1 - miniatura
ScreenCloud Software - 2 - miniatura
ScreenCloud Software - 3 - miniatura
ScreenCloud Software - 4 - miniatura
ScreenCloud Software - 5 - miniatura

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O ScreenCloud não possui uma versão gratuita, mas oferece versão de teste grátis. Versão paga do ScreenCloud a partir de 24,00 US$/mês.

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24,00 US$/mês Veja detalhes de preços

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ScreenCloud: implantação e suporte


  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Fórum
  • Suporte por telefone
  • Bate-papo


  • Nuvem, SaaS, baseado na web
  • Mac (desktop)
  • Windows (desktop)
  • Android (celular)
  • iPhone (celular)
  • iPad (tablet)


  • Ao vivo online
  • Webinars
  • Documentos

Recursos do ScreenCloud

  • API
  • Acesso offline
  • Acesso para Celular
  • Agendamento
  • Agendamento automatizado
  • Agendamento de campanhas
  • Agendamento de conteúdo
  • Alertas/notificações
  • Arrastar e soltar
  • Atualização automática
  • Atualização em tempo real
  • Biblioteca de conteúdo
  • Biblioteca de imagens
  • Biblioteca de mídia
  • Calendário de eventos
  • Compatibilidade com várias telas
  • Conteúdo interativo
  • Controle e acesso remoto
  • Controles/permissões de acesso
  • Dados em tempo real
  • Editor de WYSIWYG
  • Editor visual
  • Gerenciamento de listas de reprodução
  • Gerenciamento de usuários
  • Gestão de conteúdo
  • Gestão de exibição remota
  • Gestão de modelos
  • Gestão de publicidade
  • Gestão de vídeos
  • Imagem de marca personalizável
  • Importação/exportação de dados
  • Integração de redes sociais
  • Integrações de terceiros
  • Layout e design
  • Modelos personalizáveis
  • Monitoramento
  • Monitoramento em tempo real
  • Mostradores de cardápio digitais
  • Notificações em tempo real
  • Painel de atividades
  • Registro de auditoria
  • Relatórios e estatística
  • Segurança de dados
  • Sinalização digital
  • Streaming de vídeo
  • Suporte multimídia
  • Suporte por vídeo
  • Várias localizações
  • Widgets

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Praticidade 4,8
Atendimento ao cliente 4,8
Recursos 4,6
Relação qualidade/preço 4,6

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Fabian M.
Fabian M.
Marketing and Communications Manager
Gestão da educação, 51-200 funcionários
Usou o software por: Mais de um ano
  • Classificação geral
  • Praticidade
  • Recursos e funcionalidades
  • Atendimento ao cliente
  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Probabilidade de recomendação
  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 10/06/2019

"Real-Time automated Digital Signage"

Comentários: It allows real-time and automated information about events and happenings at our school.

Vantagens: We use screen cloud to display live Twitter and Instagram feeds throughout our Campus.
The interface is clean, easy to use and accessible via a web browser from everywhere.
Lots of additional app integration are available and being added regularly.
The Screencloud staff is very responsive and helpful.
What I particularly like is the clean design of the displayed apps. It looks very professional.

Desvantagens: Ideally, I would like even more customization on the look and fell of certain apps. But overall there is nothing I dislike so far.

  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 10/06/2019
Carissa N.
Communications Coordinator
Hotelaria, 51-200 funcionários
Usou o software por: 1 a 5 meses
  • Classificação geral
  • Praticidade
  • Recursos e funcionalidades
  • Atendimento ao cliente
  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Probabilidade de recomendação
  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 19/04/2021

"ScreenCloud is a No Brainer!"

Vantagens: I brought on digital signage to our Manufacturing company as a way to reach more employees with announcements and etc. I first want to say, their customer service is top-notch! I started out with a free trial because I wanted to ensure I liked the system and wanted to ensure the back end was easy to use before we purchased it outright. I was nearing the end of my trial and they actually reached out to me and wanted to see if I would be purchasing or if I wanted to keep the trial going a little longer. I needed the trial a little longer so I could show it to my bosses to ensure it was something they could justify paying for. It's a great program and super easy to use!

Desvantagens: I really wish I could organize the canvases I create in the Canvas app. It would be great to be able to organize them based on sizes (because I am utilizing different layouts for different screens and that requires different sizes) Right now I have to search through all of my canvases to find the right one instead of being able to go to a specific folder.

Alternativas consideradas: AxisTV Signage Suite e Spectrio

Razões para mudar para o ScreenCloud: This program was by far significantly cheaper than the other products. It was also a MUCH easier platform to use on the back end, especially when comparing it to Enplug.

  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 19/04/2021
Quinn K.
Electronic Communications Specialist
Gestão da educação, 1001-5000 funcionários
Usou o software por: Mais de dois anos
  • Classificação geral
  • Praticidade
  • Recursos e funcionalidades
  • Atendimento ao cliente
  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Probabilidade de recomendação
  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 16/09/2021

"Best informational display system I have ever used"

Comentários: ScreenCloud has been a big part of providing timely information for employees in our building, as well as making our lobby space more welcoming. When I looked for a product that would help us provide information to employees in a timely manner and that was more than just a conference room schedule, I tested several options that were more expensive and harder to learn/use. ScreenCloud is the easiest to setup and the features we get for this price-point are well worth the price per screen/TV

Vantagens: I've been using ScreenCloud for a few years, but just upgraded from ScreenCloud Signage to the new ScreenCloud Studio. Just in the little time I have used the new Studio version I would say it is a huge improvement over Signage with regard to ease-of-use and new features. There are several features that I like including the ability to create multiple channels and screencast emergency or other important notices and then resume normal scheduling.

Desvantagens: This isn't necessarily an issue with the software, but it would be nice to have some more news options pre-set in the list to choose from when setting up a live-feed of a news channel.

  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 16/09/2021
Mitch O.
Construção, 501-1000 funcionários
Usou o software por: 1 a 5 meses
  • Classificação geral
  • Praticidade
  • Recursos e funcionalidades
  • Atendimento ao cliente
  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Probabilidade de recomendação
  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 09/08/2019

"Great potential but a lot still to develop"

Comentários: This is just used as our entry way marketing material. This has been more of a head ache than it should have been.

Vantagens: Ease of use is a fact. I liked the layouts and basic idea of this product. That was about it.

Desvantagens: Needs more native apps. Not a very "smart" program (i.e. have pictures in a custom zone to a special size - this requires me to go back to marketing team to re-edit the photos down to what the app can handle. This should be done as part of the program to allow for overall easier use).
While the support team is quick to respond, they missed the mark greatly in actually addressing the issues and are rather snarky when you point out the pitfalls of the program. There are misspellings in the warnings that pop-up throughout their app. It is all around a work in progress.

Resposta dos fornecedores

por ScreenCloud em 22/10/2019

Hi Mitch, this is Adam, the Head of the Support team at ScreenCloud. I'm really sorry you've been experiencing these issues. We take your feedback seriously, so thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us.

We're always trying to improve our app and stay on top of an agile work environment and sometimes we don't meet the standards we want to achieve for our customers.

Although we've built ScreenCloud to optimize your images to look at their best for your screens, in some cases you'll need to edit the dimensions of the image to capture the area you want to show the most. To make this easier, we've been developing a new app to help you do just that. We've also been revising our on-boarding experience to share the good practices as early as possible.

I'd really appreciate it if we had a call to get to the bottom of this and also show you what we've been working on. I'll make sure to personally reach to you.

  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 09/08/2019
Cameron M.
Logística e cadeia de fornecimento, 51-200 funcionários
Usou o software por: 1 a 5 meses
  • Classificação geral
  • Praticidade
  • Recursos e funcionalidades
  • Atendimento ao cliente
  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Probabilidade de recomendação
  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 06/07/2021

"ScreenCloud is very easy to use and the customer service is great!"

Comentários: I enjoy ScreenCloud a lot. It livens up the workplace and is easy to use. The customer service was great and they seem to really care about their customers.

Vantagens: When looking for a digital signage software, ScreenCloud was a little bit more expensive per screen than competitors, but in my opinion, a lot more easier to understand and use. Also, uploading your own videos and pictures is easy along with scheduling times for certain playlists. The customer service was also phenomenal compared to other software. I would email someone about a question, and then 30 minutes later I would have an answer! The team at ScreenCloud was very helpful and worked with us for a while in order to make sure we understood what we were buying and to help us understand all the different parts of the software.

Desvantagens: The canvas feature has limited customizability and the app store doesn't have a ton of new apps. Using internal links is also not possible at the time but it seems like other services also do not have that feature. However, from talking to customer support, it seems like they are working on new apps and improvements all the time.

Alternativas consideradas: OptiSigns

Razões para mudar para o ScreenCloud: The customer support was very good and the software was much easier to use and understand.

  • Fonte da avaliação 
  • Avaliado em 06/07/2021